Finding VA Eligible Homes

Info on how to find VA Eligible Homes for California Veterans and Active Duty Military Homebuyers

We are proud to serve our Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel in their search for a home to purchase using one of the best VA Benefits – the VA Loan.

We understand how difficult and frustrating it can seem for our Veterans and ActiveDuty Military Personnel to find Eligible Homes for VA Financing and the challenges involved in getting your VA offer accepted by Sellers. The process may seem daunting at times, but we have the solution.

There are two key needs in the VA Home Search and VA Purchase process:

  1. Partner with a Realtor that is familiar with the VA Home Purchase process
  2. Get Pre-Approved with an experienced VA Lender prior to making offers on homes with VA Financing.

The first part of your VA Home Search solution is to partner with a Realtor that is knowledgeable in the VA Home Purchase process and knows how to get VA Purchase Offers approved.   The second part of the Solution is to work with an experienced VA Lender.   Together, we can help you find and close on the home of your dreams using your VA Home Loan Benefit and VA financing. Our Realtor partners understand how to find the right home for VA Financing, and how to negotiate your VA offer to get the results you need.

For help finding Homes that are eligible for VA Financing, contact us and we will connect you with a local Realtor knowledgeable with VA Homes. They will create a custom search based on your needs of Homes that may qualify for VA Financing.

Call us to connect with qualified VA Realtors on your area.

For help with your VA Loan, contact Brian Skaar at VanDyk Mortgage. We are experienced with VA Financing and have been making VA loans since 1987. Call Direct at 760-752-4480 or apply for your VA Loan direct on the web here  VanDyk Mortgage offers VA Loans, VA Jumbo Loans and VA Financing for Condo’s.

Please feel free to call us with your questions on your VA Home Search 760-752-4480 direct.

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