Loan App Checklist

Here is a basic checklist to use for preparing your VA Loan Application:

____  Purchase Agreement – for home purchases

____  Paystubs for most recent 30 days

____  W’2’s for most recent 2 years

____   Federal Income Taxes for most recent 2 years (not required in all cases, but is a good idea to provide upfront)

____  Employment history for most recent 2 years,  Employer, address, phone, position

____  Bank Statements for Checking, Savings, Investments, Retirement, etc for most recent 60 days

____  VA DD 214 Honorable Discharge (if separated from service)

____  Info on any Rental Properties you may own – Mortgage, insurance, lease, etc

____  If  Retired,  Award letters for SSI, Disability, and/or Pension

____  Photo ID and Social Security info

____  Bankruptcies within the last 7 years will require a copy of the discharge

____  Foreclosures within the last 7 years – info on the property

____  Mortgage Statement for home (if refinancing)

____  Homeowners insurance info – Declarations page if Refinance, or contact info if purchasing a home

____  Full residential address history for last 2 years

Please give us a call to see which items you may need for your loan.   We are happy to help.


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