Can I get a new VA IRRRL Streamline Refi if my VA loan exceeds the current VA Loan Limit?

Can I get a new VA IRRRL Streamline Refi if my VA loan exceeds the current VA Loan Limit?

Many Vets with VA and VA Jumbo Loans in California ask the question:  Am I eligible for a VA IRRRL Streamline Refinance even if my VA Loan exceeds the current VA Loan Limits for my county?   The answer is Yes you can,  if you choose VanDyk Mortgage to help you.   Many large banks and VA Lenders do not allow you to exceed the County VA Limits,  VanDyk allows VA IRRRL’s that exceed your current VA Loan Limit for your area.

If you purchased or refinanced your home using a VA or VA Jumbo Loan, your current VA loan just might exceed the current VA County Loan Limits.  For instance, if you put extra money down to take advantage of the Benefits of VA Jumbo Loans when purchasing your home, or utlized the higher VA Loan Limits that we in effect during 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, or even 2013 your VA Loan might exceed the current loan limits for VA Loans.

Why does this matter?   Many VA Lenders limit your new VA Loan to the VA County Loan Limit, and are not able to help with many VA Jumbo IRRRL Streamlines.  We have no Loan Limit on our VA Jumbo IRRRL’s.

If your VA Loan Rate is 4.25% or higher, you may very well benefit from a VA Streamline at these historic interest rates.

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I have to say it one more time, if you have a current VA Loan that exceeds your county VA Loan Limit, we can help. We do not limit VA Jumbo IRRRL Streamline Refinances to the County VA Loan Limits. I felt it was important to repeat, because A- we offer these, and B – others don’t.

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